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CARE LABEL -  describes the allowable treatment of the individual without causing any serious damage to them. Whether this treatment is necessary or sufficient, is not stated. A milder than specified treatment is always acceptable.


All symbols have a specific meaning so, with the very best attention, put your best fit together, these instructions will help you, and the others to be aware of what to expect and how to take a good care of you.


Use them today to maximize your expected lifespan!Please when placing your order, in the text field, write your desired signs, upto 7 signs.


Sean Dian’s necklaces are made out of 14k yellow gold, 925 sterling silver with rhodium coating or heavy gold-plated (22k) sterling silver for a great shine, longer lifetime and best protection against tarnishing.The pendanst come in a unisex one size (37mm length), however any customization upon your wishes would be possible.


    • Comes in 14k yellow or rose gold, silver or 22k goldplated silver. 
    • Chain with the total length of 510mm.
    • One pendant.
    • Upto 7 Signs on the pendant
  • Please find more details about our Return and Refund policy under customer-care!

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