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MOODY - Some childhood memories, triggered by a song, a photo or even a scent, will make you feel nostalgic. For me, the mood stones take me back to my childhood, when life was carefree and magic was real! When we were trying to reveal each other's mood over and over again. After all the stone is supposed to show your true colors! 


The colors of the typical 1970s mood stone and the meanings associated with each color:

  • Amber: Nervous, unhappy, cool
  • Green: Average, calm
  • Blue: Emotions are charged, active, relaxed
  • Violet: Passionate, excited, very happy
  • Black: Tense, nervous (or broken crystal)
  • Gray: Strained, anxious


Wear with care - mood stone will lose its sensitivity and discolor if overexposed to water and extreme hit.


Sean Dian’s necklaces are made out of 14k yellow gold, 925 sterling silver with rhodium coating or heavy gold-plated (22k) sterling silver for a great shine, longer lifetime and best protection against tarnishing.


    • Comes in 14k yellow or rose gold, silver or 22k goldplated silver. 
    • The pendant is about 19mm in diameter, and 5mm thickness.
    • Chain with the total length of 620mm.
  • Please find more details about our Return and Refund policy under customer-care!

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