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The best for the dearest!

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Emotions are as gold and silver, priceless! Not everything is an illusion, some moments are so pure that you won't ever forget the joy of it, that you once experienced!

Times like these you need to keep yourself warm in heart, and these furry friends can be your guardian angels. During the pandemic, people can be stressed and fearful for their lives and the lives of those they love. The bond between human and animal, the presence of a non-human companion decreases psychological arousal and stress, and creates physiological changes that make us feel better. They make you feel great, so shall you do!

So many pets have been adopted during the pandemic that shelters are running out

A recent pet-adoption boom is the feel-good pandemic story you need right now.

Some animal Shelters have a beautiful problem: they are all out of adoptable animals.“We have a completely empty adoption center,” said animal services director on the California shelter’s Instagram account. She and her coworkers, all wearing masks, throw their arms up and cheer, showing off empty pen after empty pen. A few days earlier, on Sunday, Chicago Animal Care and Control’s Adoptable Pets program had similar news. “CACC has no dogs currently available for adoption,” the shelter told its Facebook followers. “We’ve never typed those words before.” The last adoptable dogs—a “short, squat beefcake” named Penn and a “boisterous babe” named Alley—had found loving homes that day.


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