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Some jewellery mistakes, I wish you would never do!

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Due to bad habits and not having much of time we do all sorts of mistakes with choosing our jewellery. Above all, because we simply don't have enough information to realise what the problems could be.

So here I am to help you out. Read below the most important jewellery mistakes and how to avoid them next time.

Make sure you know what you are paying for

When shopping for jewellery it should be clear what metal those pieces are made from. If the seller doesn't specify the materials, then most likely they are not made from sterling silver, gold or other precious metals. Be careful about different terminology used for gold, some even call very thin gold-plated silver even just gold. In particular if a piece gives the appearance of being gold but is inexpensive, then it's almost certainly not gold at all, there is no such thing as cheap gold jewellery.

Non-precious metal jewellery will fairly quickly wear through to the metal beneath and may turn your skin black or green. It may even cause allergic reactions or worse. So make sure they are Nickel free.

Do not wear the same jewellery every day

Slipping into the habit of wearing the same piece day in, day out is quite easy. There was a time that even I almost never took mines off. But breaking that habit has couple of benefits.

Firstly, your everyday jewellery will get grimy in places that you can't see, or in ways that you don't necessarily notice because the changes take place very slowly.

Especially the hidden parts that are in direct contact with your skin and potentially leading to infections. You should take off your everyday pieces regularly to give them a good clean with some warm soapy water and a soft bristled brush. I recommend doing this latest every 3 weeks.

More important, you don’t want to be boring, plus getting nice compliments will always be cheer you up! So have a think about the jewellery you have and how to combine them together to create a new look.

Find the right cleaning method for your piece

While it's better to make an effort to clean your jewellery than not to do it at all, not all cleaning methods are created equal and some may permanently damage your precious pieces.

While cleaning your jewellery is highly recommended, not all cleaning methods are are fine, some even may cause permanent damages to your jewellery.

As an example, cleaning your precious metal jewellery with toothpaste is the worse idea. It's abrasive and it will deplete the metal over time, making any heirloom pieces less and less valuable. It can also make your piece matt. Using baking soda to rub against the piece to clean is the next mistake one can do.

Do not use alcohol (of any kind) with gemstones, that is most likely a bad idea. My advice, use alcohol just for drinking purposes! Alcohol can easily hard pearls, opals, turquoise and lapis lazuli. Just use those chemicals that are specifically recommended by professionals for cleaning the type of jewellery you have. Read the care and cleaning articles linked bellow for advice.

Another jewellery mistake you need to avoid is improperly storing your necklaces. If you do not have a necklace tree, then you need to invest in one. Trying to put all of your necklaces in a drawer will usually lead to them getting tangled. Attempting to get these necklaces untangled can be nearly impossible and may lead to you damaging these pieces inadvertently.

When putting your necklaces on a necklace tree, you will need to ensure they are clasped shut. Without the clasp engaged, your necklaces will fall and could potentially get damaged as a result. Taking precaution when storing your necklaces can help you keep them looking their best.

Stay Out of the Shower With Your Jewellery, not to talk about the Swimming pools

Getting a shower or taking a dip in the pool with your jewellery on is an accident waiting to happen. All it takes is one false move and your rings, bracelets or earrings will be headed down the drain. Not only do you risk losing your jewellery in the shower, the water can lead to them getting damaged. Over time, soap scum and rust can start to gum up the inside of your rings or necklaces.

Trying to remove these materials from your jewellery can be quite difficult. Even if you are wearing costume jewellery in the shower, the heat from the water can start to loosen the glue that holds these pieces together. If the glue weakens, it will lead to these pieces of costume jewellery getting ruined.


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