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Sean Abedian is an austrian architect and jewelry designer with Persian heritage living between Istanbul, Stockholm and Vienna, 


Sean has a fascination with contemporary Scandinavian design while as a Persian also having a passion for gold. This is visible in both his architectural work and later in Sean's jewelry line. He began drawing his first sketches of accessories as a hobby for his own use in 2010.


Quickly those pieces started being noticed by friends and family in Vienna and Stockholm, where he has been working as an architect. Piece by piece, the line grew, as has Seans’s craftsmanship!


Unique pieces, recognizable for their simplicity and silhouettes, minimalistic, yet elegant. Combination of fine jewelry with the imperfections of handcrafted items, ready to wear and could easily be personalized. His jewelry is meant to be worn and enjoyed!

You are always guaranteed a unique piece of craftsmanship, made from scratch for you. 

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