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VOODOO DOLL - Believe it or not, it works!


Voodoos are found in various forms in the magical traditions of many cultures around the world. On the surface, these dolls could be called Voodoo dolls. But as with all pwen, their purpose is not to enact harm but to invoke law for means of mesmerizing, healing, guidance, or whatever need the Vodouisant has.


Sean Dian’s necklaces are made out of 14k yellow gold, 925 sterling silver with rhodium coating or heavy gold-plated (22k) sterling silver for a great shine, longer lifetime and best protection against tarnishing. Any customization upon your wishes would be possible.



    • Comes in 14k yellow gold, silver or 22k goldplated silver.
    • One pendant.
    • Chain with the total length of 600mm.
    • The pendant: 25mm hight.
  • Please find more details about our Return and Refund policy under customer-care!

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