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When you notice you're gonna be a mother in no time!

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Look what I found at my doorstep some days ago. I guess now i am the mother!

You know how the pigeons enter your staircase sometimes and make a mess. Well, the only thing this one left was this tiny egg. So when the mother didn't come back for the whole day I decided to adopt it. Have been trying to save this little one for the last 4 days. My TimeCapsule became its new nest - not so soft but perfect temperature and quite the nanny. Every couple of hours I have to turn it over and I noticed some change in colour. Now look what you could see holding it towards a flashlight - a cute little heart (the little dark dot in the middle).

And it's beating!!! ;)

You could call it MAGIC!

Keep your fingers crossed for the little one. Meanwhile I will be designing a gift for the new family members birthday. Who said motherhood is easy!

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